• UCD Device family software package updated.
  • TSI software package updated.
  • Fixed UCD-4xx device related shortcuts that were broken in previous bundle packages.


Changes to previous version

  • LLCTS: DSC: Sink DUT: Added max supported bpp check for different color modes.
  • LLCTS: Sink DUT: Tests,, Corrected handling of I2C NACK response
  • LLCTS: Source DUT: Tests, Implemented AUX reply timeout SCR
  • LLCTS: Sink DUT: Test, Corrected condition on Step 5. Fixed EQ status check for lanes 0 and 1
  • LLCTS: Sink DUT: Test 5.4.2: Set correct max bpc value based on Sink EDID
  • LLCTS: Sink DUT: Test Resolved Audio noise issue
  • LLCTS: Source DUT: Test Added check for video absence in case of audio only is checked
  • LLCTS: Sink DUT: Tests,, Use continues sin pattern
  • Pattern Generator: Fixed mode change issue when changing Video pattern only
  • DPTX: Verify Transmitter Capability 0xF0021h when perform Link Training with detected LTTPRs on the link
  • LLCTS: DSC: Source DUT: 4.6.1.x Enabled TEST CRC check
  • DPRX. FEC. Do not clear FEC_READY bit when Prefer FEC Enabled checkbox is cleared
  • LLCTS: FEC: Source DUT: 4.5.1.x Corrected Source DUT capabilities check
  • LLCTS: FEC: Source DUT: Fixed operator request to enable FEC sequence
  • DPRX. Clear link status when HPD is de-asserted
  • DPTX. Do not perform LT after HPD unplug event
  • DPTX. Do not perform LT on HPD pulse from Sink DUT when DPTX is set to output test link patterns
  • DPTX: Audio Generator: Set and Clear Audio_Mute flag in VB_ID when audio disabled and enabled correspondingly
  • DPTX: Pass tests,,,,,, when DPTX is set to enable MST output
  • UCD-3xx: updated fan speed control algorithm
  • UCD-340: Workaround for e-mark detection issue
  • UCD Console: HDCP 1.3 DPCD decoding: Fixed invalid range-print.
  • UCD Console: HDCP 1.3 and HDCP 2.2 DPCD decoding support added.
  • UCD Console: Fixed handling issues in data/power role swap prevention checkboxes.
  • UCD Console: Added preliminary support DSC CRC support for DSC CTS test automation.
  • UCD Console: Fixed timing names in pattern generator to show RB1 or RB2 correctly.
  • UCD Console: Fixed issue in Operator Feedback where RB1 or RB2 detail was not shown correctly.
  • UCD Console: Added error dialog for cases where pattern generator setup failed to be applied due to exceeding hardware capabilities.
  • UCD Console: Fixed MST stream count detection.

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