NeBULA? ist die All-in-One Lösung für die Bild und Videoaufzeichnung, deren Überprüfung und Dokumentation.

Konzipiert von Ärzten bietet NeBULA? genau die Funktionalität, die Sie wirklich brauchen. Dies macht NeBULA? zum optimalen Werkzeug für Untersuchungen und Operationen in allen Disziplinen.

NeBULA? is a user-friendly medical image recorder, developed by and for medical professionals.

With more and more medical information becoming visualised, the acquisition, recording and archiving of medical video sequences and still pictures are increasingly becoming standard procedures.

Extended visual documentation, together with the possibility to review procedures, can greatly facilitate the work of physicians and is useful to explain and clarify procedures to patients.
Furthermore, doctors can use the recordings to cross-diagnose in case of complications, or to review their own work. Video data and pictures are also an extremely valuable asset for presentations and training.
Being vendor neutral, NeBULA? enables real-time, laptop or desktop acquisition of endoscopes, ultrasounds, CT-scanners, ECG, ? of any brand. When working in a hospital environment, the software can be connected to the hospital IT-network and flawlessly integrated.
NeBULA? offers physicians various useful smart image processing tools. Brightness and contrast can be enhanced, the captured image can be watermarked and the image can be rotated to maintain surgeon?s orientation. The pre-record functionality beholds the doctor from missing an important moment during surgery. After the intervention, a medical report, using a personalised template, is available for final editing. Any of these unique features can be launched from an intuitive touch screen.

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NeBULA Box HD - DVI, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, VGA/RGB, S-Video und Composite Capturing

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NeBULA Box SD - S-Video und Composite Capturing

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NeBULA Hospital Software

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NeBULA Personal Software

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NeBULA Video Center - Zentrale für bis zu 25 NeBULA Clients

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