UCD-301 DP and HDMI Test Sink

UCD-301 Digital enables testing all aspects of HDMI 2.0 and DP 1.2 outputs. UCD-301 is also platform for HDCP 2.2 CTS Testing. UCD-301 is a DCP Approved test tool for testing HDCP 2.2 Transmitters on the DisplayPort interface.

UCD Console GUI is the preview and control application for UCD-301. The user can monitor and store the captured content, evaluate the upstream link status and control the link parameters.

UCD-301 is compatible with Unigraf high level software API called TSI. Combined with the TSI Test Cases, UCD-301 is a functionality testing tool with ready test routines for all supported interfaces.
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Unigraf HDCP 2.2 CTS for testing Source DUT on DP

4.925,00 € *

Unigraf HDCP 2.2 license key für UCD Geräte

2.500,00 € *

Unigraf TSI Electrical Test Set (UCD-301 only)

780,00 € *

Unigraf TSI SDK Advanced Test Set

1.135,00 € *

Unigraf TSI SDK Advanced Test Set with HDCP 2.2

2.000,00 € *

Unigraf UCD Console Pro for DP Sink (for testing DisplayPort Source DUT)

2.300,00 € *

Unigraf UCD Console Pro for HDMI Sink (for testing HDMI Source DUT)

1.590,00 € *

Unigraf UCD-301 Digital - USB 3.0 connected video test module with 4K inputs (incl. TSI Basic Test Software Set)

2.650,00 € *