Changes to previous version

  • LL CTS: Sink DUT: Accurate configuration of channel number during test execution
  • LL CTS: Sink DUT: Set maximum sample rate that is supported by Sink DUT instead of default 44.1Khz
  • UCD-400: DP TX: Prevent setting video mode that does not fit into maximum link bandwidth
  • UCD-400: DP TX: FEC: Fixed ““Corrected parity 1 error“ error injection
  • LLCTS DSC: Sink DUT: – no longer disable DSC when switch from incorrect to correct compressed pattern
  • LLCTS: Sink DUT: Tests – 5.4.2, Verify TEST_CRC.
  • LLCTS: Sink DUT: – add timing selection from EDID
  • LLCTS DSC: Source DUT: 4.6.1.x Corrected TA pattern for non RGB mode.
  • LLCTS DSC: Source DUT: Fixed YCbCr420 DSC capability setting.
  • LLCTS DSC: Source DUT: 4.6.x.x Run tests for Bits Per Component options that forces source to send compressed image.
  • LLCTS: Source DUT: Updated YCbCr4:2:2 TEST_CRC values.
  • LLCTS DSC: Sink DUT: 5.6.x.x Corrected maximum bpp calculation. Takes into acount possible SSC overhead (0.5%), link frequency and pixel clock accuracy in the maximum bpp calculation.
  • LLCTS: Source DUT: Keep adjust request cleared during test.
  • UCD-400: Maximum pixel clock support increased to 1.2GHz
  • LLCTS FEC: Source DUT: Fixed to comply with latest specification.
  • LLCTS DSC: Sink DUT: 5.6.x.x Decreased execution time.
  • LLCTS DSC: Sink DUT: Added support for calculating CRC values of DSC content enabling automated DSC CTS tests with reduced (or no) operator intervention required.
  • UCD Console: Reduced device memory usage by approx. 192MB
  • UCD Console: Fixed issues preventing operation of event logger with HDMI RX.
  • UCD Console: DSC file upload in operator feedback dialog no longer shows full path in hopes of not clipping the file-name.
  • UCD Console: DSC Snapshot now properly handles YUV formats.
  • UCD Console: Optimized performance of DSC File uploads during DSC CTS.
  • UCD Console: Added controls to prevent SWAP on USB-C page.
  • UCD Console: EDID dialog for DPRX and DPTX now always show stream selection in order to support reading/writing EDID’s to other streams.


Changes to previous version

  • Fixed bug which caused EDID reading and writing to fail.
  • Fixed bug which caused ‚-logfile‘ script command to be ignored.
  • Fixed USB-C load resistor setting (TSI_USBC_RESISTANCE_CTRL) for case where multiple resistors needed to be set.
  • Added TSI_EDID_STREAM_SELECT CI to select which stream the EDID access CI’s are using.
  • Added scripting command -input to get any kind of input (number, variable or string).
  • Added scripting command -shortcut to define shortcut keys that respond immediately: User does not have to press enter key.
  • Added scripting command -pause to pause until user presses any key.
  • Added scripting command -saveread so subsequent .read calls to the same CI can be reused without retrieving them from the device.

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