Console: Changes to previous version--------------------------- LL CTS: Sink DUT: Accurate configuration of channel number during test execution LL CTS: Sink DUT: Set maximum sample rate that is supported by Sink DUT instead of default 44.1Khz UCD-400: DP TX: Prevent setting video mode that does not fit into maximum link bandwidth UCD-400: DP TX: FEC: Fixed “"Corrected parity 1 error" error injection LLCTS DSC: Sink DUT: - no longer disable DSC when switch from incorrect to correct compressed pattern LLCTS: Sink DUT: Tests - 5.4.2, Verify TEST_CRC. LLCTS: Sink DUT: - add timing selection from EDID LLCTS DSC: Source DUT: 4.6.1.x Corrected TA pattern for non RGB mode. LLCTS DSC: Source DUT: Fixed YCbCr420 DSC capability setting. LLCTS DSC: Source DUT: 4.6.x.x Run tests for Bits Per Component options that forces source to send compressed image. LLCTS: Source DUT: Updated YCbCr4:2:2 TEST_CRCREAD MORE